To strengthen the food rescue community and ensure food rescue remains the leading food recovery option to decrease food waste in our country. The Hub will provide a platform to better enable good food to be safely and efficiently rescued and fed to those in need, which is imperative as more than 41 million Americans face food insecurity while 72 billion pounds of pre-consumer food goes to waste each year.

By working together as the greater food rescue community, our influence can enable greater awareness, increase operational capacity and efficiency, and build a unified voice to enable effective policy changes. The Food Rescue Hub is an open forum for food rescue organizations and those interested in learning how to support and better enable food rescue. The Hub will contain information about food rescue and the role it plays in food recovery, current research relevant to food rescue, best practices in rescuing food and support discussion around breaking down barriers to increasing the amount of food rescued.

If you have information that you would like to add to The Hub please contact Liz Baldridge at lbaldridge@feedingamerica.org.

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