Food Rescue in the News

Food Waste & Hunger: Solutions to the Paradox

Wednesday, Feb 21 2018

Feeding America has tested two prototypes for making fresh fruits and vegetables easier to accept, both at pantries and at the dinner table.

DoorDash now delivers surplus food to fight hunger

Tuesday, Jan 23 2018

Project DASH launched this month to give back to food banks and help restaurants with the 100,000 pounds of their extra food that’s thrown away each year.

Guide reveals solutions and best practices to reduce food waste

Tuesday, Jan 23 2018

The guide, created in partnership between ReFED and the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, includes an overview of the challenges facing retailers and gives industry-specific guidance on prevention, recovery and recycling solutions.

Peter Rabbit is the Latest Celebrity Fighting Food Waste

Tuesday, Jan 23 2018

The James Corden-voiced iteration joins the “Save The Food” campaign in a new commercial. Premieres The Anti-Food Waste Kitchen, Starring Actress AnnaSophia Robb

Tuesday, Jan 23 2018

New PSA from Encourages Young People to Seek Solutions for Hunger Relief and Sustainable Agriculture as A Part of the General Mills Feeding Better Futures Scholars Program

Strong Food Proposals in 2019 NY Budget!

Monday, January 22 2018

Governor Cuomo’s 2019 budget proposal includes two promising initiatives to address critical food-related issues—one on food waste and one on school food.

It’s Fresh tech extending produce life to cut food waste

Tuesday, Jan 12 2018

It’s Fresh has secured fresh investment as it works to increase use of “groundbreaking” technology that, it says, extends the shelf life, quality, freshness and flavour of produce.

Ad Council calls attention to food waste by sending tweens undercover in their homes

Thursday, Dec 21 2017

A group of tweens, working with SheKnows Hatch Kids for a campaign for the Ad Council, have uncovered plenty of waste and are becoming ‘food warriors’ because of their newfound knowledge.

How to give away fruit

Friday, Dec 15 2017

Donations are appreciated at food banks, but some homework and forethought are advised first.

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